News Flash 16 // Radio Electronic joins Grupo Arbulu



We are pleased to announce that Grupo Arbulu has acquired a majority stake in the share capital and voting rights of Radio Electronic, and that we have now joined their group of companies.
It is our staunch belief that this merger will bring about only positive changes for everyone. It will certainly make the company stronger and more competitive in the market, and the increased resources will ensure that we are more capable of providing quality customer service in all aspects.
In order to download the official media briefing from Grupo Arbulu, click here..



News Flash 15 // Voetspore Safaris cc



Radio Electronic cc proudly supports Voetspore Safaris cc during their self-drive overland adventure to Gabon.

The tour, which will start in Namibia’s northern town of Rundu towards the end of July 2018, will explore the lesser known routes through Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as the Republic of the Congo.

During the month-long tour, various spectacular sites will be visited, such as nature reserves, waterfalls, shipwrecks and monuments.

Radio Electronic cc will support this adventure by providing two-way communication for the convoy, as well as providing suitable satellite communications and navigation, as the route will navigate through remote areas.

Tour leader, Simon Wearne, has a long-standing service record with Radio Electronic cc, making use of our communication and navigation equipment as well as services for many years.


News Flash 14 // GARMIN - Best performing distributor 



Radio Electronic cc has been awarded as Garmin's best performing distributor for West Africa during 2017.


News Flash 13 // Radio Electronic supports local charity.



In support of our social responsibility towards the local communities, Radio Electronic has attributed by donating towards the Winter Knights 2018 fund raising campaign.

These funds will go towards supporting those less fortunate fellow Namibians, whom suffer severely from lack of warmth and shelter during the chilly Namibian Winters.


News Flash 12 // Radio Electronic changes corporate logo.



Radio Electronic cc, a leader in the field of Marine & Power  Electronics, Radio & Satellite Communications, is now changing its corporate logo. This is to better symbolize our expanding range of regional capabilities, expertise and international product ranges.

You will  notice our new logo on all our company letterheads, email signatures, invoices and company branding.

We would like to assure you, that it is still the same company, just a new logo. We would appreciate it if you could bring this to the attention of all your staff or departments, that are involved with us on a regular basis.

In order to familiarize yourself with our new logo, we have attached a few samples for your perusal.

We trust that you will share our enthusiasm in this process and we are looking forward in providing you, our esteemed client, with the same professional services you have become accustomed to.


News Flash 11 // Radio Electronic celebrating 25 years.



The original company Radio Electronic was established in 1961 by Mr S. Rössler in Walvis Bay. With the retirement of Mr S. Rössler, the company was restructured to a Close Corporation (c.c.)

Gerd Rössler, Gunter Heitmann, Uwe Eisel and Peter Zahradnicky, in 1992 began Radio Electronic C.C with nothing more than their dreams, and a lot of diligence and determination. They put their heart and soul in to the company, and their spirit made it soar.

Over the past 25 years the company has grown. Like every company, we faced our hard times, but we have also been very blessed. We have had many fair and honourable clients that entrusted us. We also have many talented employees who work with care, skill and commitment. Many of these people have a special place in our hearts. They are part of our extended family.

Our Twenty Fifth Year Anniversary is a time to reflect and express our sincere appreciation to our employees and customers for their loyal support throughout the years.

Thank you for the twenty-five remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support.


News Flash 10 // Radio Electronic cc supports local charity



Radio Electronic cc's Windhoek branch took part in the local Tourism Expo, held during 18-21 May, at the Windhoek show grounds.

During the expo, our team focused on Power and Grid Tie Systems, Satellite Communication, Radio Communication as well as Navigation Solutions.

Various specials on selected items were made availble for vissitors to the stand.

As usuall, the stand attracted a lot of people, and was a huge success. 





News Flash 9 // Radio Electronic cc supplies Simrad sonar



Radio Electronic cc supplied and installed a Simrad SX-92 sonar on board the Desert Ruby.

Radio Electronic's marine technician, Jorn Wormsbacher, whom accompanied the vessel during sea trials, commented on the performance of the unit, as "flawless operation and performance".





News Flash 8 // Radio Electronic cc takes part in local expo



In support of our social responsibility towards the local communities, Radio Electronic has attributed by donating towards the Winter Knights fund raising campaign.

These funds will go towards supporting those less fortunate fellow Namibians, whom suffer severely from lack of warmth and shelter during the chilly Namibian Winters.





News Flash 7 // Radio Electronic cc supplies local mines



Radio Electronic cc supplied mines with state of the art Motorola MotoTrbo radio equipment.






News Flash 6 // Motorola 2016 local Partner conference



Radio Electronic cc attends Motorola local partner conference hosted in Swakopmund, Namibia.

The event, which consisted out of Motorola representatives and 3rd party application partners, was aimed at introducing new products as well as hosting interactive discussions.

Distributors and resellers from all over Africa attended.






News Flash 5 // Radio Electronic cc donates to SPCA



Radio Electronic cc has taken part in Walvis Bay SPCA's annual CHRISTMAS SHOE BOX DRIVE, by donating two boxes of various needed items.

REcc employees donated to cause, and the boxes were delivered by REcc representatives, Mr Schrader and

Mr Akunda.







News Flash 4 // New sonar for F/V St Padarn



Radio Electronic cc supplied and installed a new Furuno FSV-35 Sonar on board United Fishing Enterprises' pelagic fishing vessel, St Padarn.

The FSV-35 is a low frequency sonar (28kHz), ideal for the palagic fishing sector, with a maximum range of 4000 meters.

Since completing installation, skipper Bennie Lombard has reported that he is very satisfied with the units' overall performance.






News Flash 3 // Crew welfare upgraded for R/V Mirabilis



Radio Electronic cc supplied and installed a new Sailor 90 Satellite TV system on board Namibia's Fisheries Research vessel, R/V Mirabilis.

The system contains a stabilised platform with a 90 centimeter dish and a user-friendly control interface, making the system extremely easy to operate.

By supplying sea going vessel with systems such as this, crew welfare is improved, as well as safety and quality of life for crew members.






News Flash 2 // Maxsea for Fisheries patrol vessels



Radio Electronic cc supplied and installed a Maxsea Plot ECS system on board Namibia's Patrol vessel,

AK Mungunda.

As two of the Namibian Research vessels are already outfitted with Maxsea TimeZero installations, it was a logical choice to have the same type of system installed on this patrol vessel - for ease of sharing user data, such as PBG bathymetric data, among each other.






News Flash 1 // Highsite final stages complete



Radio Electronic cc provided Victron Energy products for Namdeb's repeater site.

By utilising Victron solar panels, regulators, batteries and chargers, the client received front line products from a leading manufacturer in the power industry.

 In collaboration with our service partners, we can arrange                        surveys for the following classes:

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