Radio Communications


Radio Electronic has been servicing Namibia's Industry with radio communications for over 50 years and therefore we are the most established and well known local company in the industry. Services range from supply and installation of new equipment, service and repair of on existing equipment, to basic training.

Service are rendered in the harbour town of Walvis, the captital city, Windhoek, or at the client's site.

To view a list of manufacturer's equipment that we import and service, click here.

Supply and Install


Radio Electronic cc imports directly from a variety of manufacturers and also act as sub-agent for most of the major brands. To view the complete list, click here.

By doing so, we can deliver very competative prices in the market.

We stock a selection of the most most popular products, and can order items requested with a very short delivery time.


Our technicians are trained and are kept up-to-date with product development., and therefore installations are flawless and neat.


With installation we also offer after-sales-service.


Service and Repair


Radio Electronic cc is certified to carry out repairs on most of the major brands, and have spare parts locally available, to do so.

Should parts be required, it is ordered with a very short deliver time.


Our technicians are factory trained on most of the major brand's products, and are kept up-to-date with relevant service info as it becomes available.



Commisioning and Training


Radio Electronic cc commissions all newly installed equipment as per manufactirers recommendations, and provide personnel with the required training afterwards.





For VHF Radio rental (handheld or mobile), please complete the radio rental form, and email it to your point of collection:

   Walvis Bay Branch:

   Windhoek Branch:





                          VHF Rental Form

 In collaboration with our service partners, we can arrange                        surveys for the following classes:

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